Dearest Friends:

2020 has been a year of “who would have thought?” So much angst in the world as we try to settle social issues, health issues, financial issues. Each year, In Honor of Her prides themselves on reaching out and sharing what we can to our survivors through our sharing network with local shelters. This year we are particularly proud of our new partnership with Opening New Doors.

Opening New Doors has aptly named their first transitional housing project after our beloved Marijke, “MARIJKE’S PLACE” is OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

This project has been in our hearts for over a decade, and with the support of Talia Gimeno at Opening New Doors, YAY!!!! Talia is a true Angel in the field of Domestic Violence (DV) prevention and intervention. We applaud her, and we have pledged our financial support to Opening New Doors and their housing initiative(s).

Can we ask you to continue your support?

This year, the COVID19 Pandemic has prevented our usual fundraising event from occurring. And during this time, of course, the DV statistics, sadly, have soared. This is why our impassioned plea is particularly loud – funds are most important to carry the cause forward, and to help those who are trying to return to normalcy. Your gift is an act of love, and we know at In Honor of Her, that LOVE NEVER FAILS!

Thanks so much for considering a gift to our organization this year, all of us here wish you and yours a Blessed and Healthy Holiday Season,

Much Love,

Brooke Phillips & Tommy Tavenner

for the entire In Honor of Her Family

Help us support this safe haven in our community.

"Divine Intervention - A miracle or act of god (or gods) that causes something good to happen …"

We would like to think that our angel Marijke had a hand in a Divine intervention that took place with us and those at the Opening New Doors Foundation, in particular Talia Gimeno. Talia is the Executive Director of the Opening New Doors Foundation. She is their Founder, and also a Domestic Violence Abuse Survivor. We were introduced to Talia through a friend of Marijke’s sister who fortuitously knew of Talia’s talent. It took some time for us to finally connect due to busy scheduling conflicts but when we did, WHOA!!!! It was magic!!!!! Talia shared our vision, and wanted to partner with us in a project that she was already well on her way on. We, after years of fundraising and working on a dream to create a safe place in our community, finally had the funds to help support Talia’s work and help her push both of our combined dreams forward. On June 29, 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, Talia invited us to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the first privately run domestic violence transitional housing facility in Montgomery County, MD. And, to make it most special, Talia arranged for the home to be named after our spiritual leader, inviting us into MARIJKE’s PLACE. It was a beautiful, emotional, and MOST happy day. We are so grateful, honored, and blessed to have crossed paths with Talia and the Opening New Doors Foundation.