The Board 

  • Brooke Phillips, President 
  • Michelle Tavenner, Vice President  
  • Tommy Tavenner, Treasurer
  • Aislinn Fones , Secretary

The Committee

  • Natalie Morris
  • Paige Sinclair
  • Becky Lee

Marijke died as a result of domestic homicide.  After going through reactions of grief and horror in response to her murder, we all became inspired to see that this never happen to another family. Unfortunately, statistics continue to paint a bleak picture:

  • 72% of all murder-suicides are perpetrated by intimate partners. xi
  • 94% of murder-suicide victims are female. xii

Our aim is to spread knowledge of domestic abuse/violence. Recognizing a problem is the first step in stamping it out.

NCADV FACT SHEET xi Violence Policy Center. (2012). American roulette: Murder-suicide in the United States. Retrieved from www.vpc.org/studies/amroul2012.pdf. xii American roulette: Murder-suicide in the United States. Retrieved from www.vpc.org/studies/amroul2012.pdf

Examples of our Outreach

Projects we support in our efforts to spread Domestic Violence Awareness.

"A little note"  (The video production of this song by Laura Baron, co-funded by In Honor of Her tells the story of a woman who breaks free from an abusive relationship. The video encourages victims of Domestic Violence to seek the help and support that is available to them.

DISCLOSURES: In Honor of Her allocated all collected funds annually from our fundraising efforts. Up to 20% of funds are resourced from our legacy endowment. 10% of funds are retained for our annual marketing efforts, and the remainder of the funds are distributed to local shelters, public awareness programs, and specific grant request. In Honor of Her is a 501(c)3 entity under tax id 27-0185239.